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"My name is Dr. Zulkafperi MD.  and I have seen incredible results using Prolotherapy in my practice over the last 10 years. It consistently provides results where other treatments have failed. I have treated thousands  of patients using Prolotherapy with positive outcomes. As a Qualified medical doctor , I have used Prolotherapy with thousands of my patients that struggle with back pain, hip pain, neck pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain, ankle pain, heel pain, foot pain, headaches and more to help them avoid surgery and go on to live pain-free. Joint instability  in Dr Zul experience is typically the underlying   cause of many  chronic painful conditions and arthritis . Prolotherapy can stabilize the joint and eliminate the pain and progression of degeneration..

If you have questions, simply contact me  or call my clinic in Pelangi Square  Damansara , Petaling Jaya +603 77271360 / 019-4009897



thumbnail1Dr Zulkafperi MD. at  Prolotherapy clinic has been doing prolotherapy since 1998 and sees everything from the simplest of cases to the most difficult cases.  Dr Zulkafperi MD.
treats all areas of the body where prolotherapy can be used, including but not limited to the knees, neck, back, shoulders, wrists, feet, hands, fingers, elbows, TMJ, sacroiliac joints, pelvis, hips and a myriad of other areas. He will customize the prolotherapy treatment to best meet the needs of your particular injury / condition. 



He graduated from National University of Malaysia (UKM) with Medical Doctor degree , and holds the following specialized training and memberships: